Alec Baldwin could face charges in the deadly crash of…

Source: Alec Baldwin could face charges in the deadly crash of…

Found on: 2022-09-27 16:04:53

October 21 will mark one year since the fatal incident that claimed the life of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, as a result of the allegedly accidental firing of a prop gun in the hands of actor Alec Baldwin, during the filming of the film Rust, which would be the protagonist. Since then, an extensive investigation has been extended to find the person responsible for the negligence that led to the tragedy.

Last month, Santa Fe, New Mexico District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies issued a statement requesting $635,500 to help prosecute the shooting monetarily. “If the charges are substantiated, the First Judicial District Attorney plans to prosecute up to four individuals. My expenses for the Rust case will begin immediately and will be expensive,” she wrote. The letter also specified that Baldwin is “one of the possible accused”, without giving much detail about the identity of the other four suspects who could go to trial.

The New York actor, in addition to having appeared in the title role of the film, also participated as a producer of the film, in addition to having been the one who had the handling of the weapon in question that gave way to all the events. Taking into account that it was reported that hours before the accident, several members of the team organized a protest due to their disagreement with the poor and unsafe working conditions, Baldwin appears as the main suspect in the case, and could face charges of violations in the use of weapons and homicide.

The investigation has pointed to various negligence within the set involving different members who could have contributed to the problem. Hannah Gutierrez Reed, Rust’s gunsmith, loaded a real bullet into her gun believing it to be a fake. Likewise, Dave Halls, the first assistant director, omitted the test security protocol, handing over the “cold weapon” to the actor. Both people have a not very favorable history of security problems within their work in previous filming.

Baldwin has maintained his total innocence, even assuring that he “didn’t pull the trigger.” However, it is very possible that we will see the actor in court where he can present his version of events, because in addition to Carmack-Altwies studying the possibility of taking him to trial, Hutchin’s family has filed a lawsuit against the actor. actor and other members of the production that accuses them of manslaughter.

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