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Ms Dominika Grupka promised me and my familie a great stay in Dubai for which we paid a fortune, the room that was promised was untidy, many things were leaking and the size advertized on Airbnb was false too, myself my mother and father had to squeeze in this room as she had mentioned 3 people can easily stay in the room. Its not only the advertisement but when i went to see her and meet her she completely denied that she is Dominika whereas i had a picture from airbnb of hers, she lied on my face about she not being the person. This dishonesty and fraud is an example of how she is lieing. on further research on her she doesnt have any license to operate as a real estate agent in UAE and she is subleasing and trying to sell properties. Please be beware of this woman Dominika Grupka(German national, 35-39years of age). She has 2 companies named DMG Invest and Digital Rebel online, with no offices in Dubai.

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