Acquaintances remember one of the victims of the car accident…

Source: Acquaintances remember one of the victims of the car accident…

Found on: 2022-07-11 10:38:55

ORLANDO, Florida – A community in Kissimmee is in mourning after losing a loved one who was traveling in a van that ended up overturned in a canal.

Friends and colleagues of one of the victims of the deadly accident that took place early this Saturday outside the Orlando International Airport spoke with Telemundo 31.

Among the identified victims is David Morales, a 56-year-old Puerto Rican who is described as a cheerful, helpful person, a business entrepreneur and, according to his acquaintances in Kissimmee, a man of the people whose mission was to do things to benefit and favor the people of your surroundings.

Morales lost his life when the car in which he was traveling with three other people, on Jeff Fuqua Blvd. near Cargo Road, for unknown reasons, crashed, colliding with a dividing wall and causing the vehicle to overturn and fall into a water channel, according to the Orlando police report.

The driver and another passenger suffered minor injuries. While Morales was declared dead in the hospital along with Erica Pacheco, 34 years old.

The incident remains under investigation.

Morales’s companions spoke with Telemundo 31 and tell us how they remember the Puerto Rican.

According to friends, David was one of the owners of Kissimmee Jewelers.

“You will always be in our hearts. It radiated light even when the day was cloudy. We will miss him forever, he was a great friend and professional, a great expert in jewelry and antiques. Nobody like him” said Víctor López.

Camilo Casa, a friend of Morales for many years, told us that he helped him start his business, when, according to him, he had no papers, nor the necessary resources to start a business. He says that Morales impacted his life in a very positive way and that he owes much of the person he has become.

“He was a great friend, helpful, very good with people. He was always at the service of the people around him and did things that benefited and favored others,” said Aurora López, Kissimmee Jewelry manager.

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