Accident leaves six people dead and five injured on the road…

Source: Accident leaves six people dead and five injured on the road…

Found on: 2022-10-03 12:04:45

A spectacular traffic accident on the roads of the department of La Guajira caused the death of six people. The incident that occurred on the afternoon of this Sunday -October 2- has five more people injured in care centers.

The accident occurred on the highway that connects the border municipality of Maicao with Albania, when a bubble-type Toyota Land Cruiser truck and a Mazda Alegro car collided head-on at high speed. The accident between the vehicles was so strong that they ended up off the road.

Five people died in a traffic accident recorded on the road that connects Maicao with Albania, at the height of the Carraipia corregimiento sector.
The victims were moving in the car, the authorities reported.#NoticiasBQ🔴🟡🟢

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The first investigations carried out by the traffic authorities indicate that the accident would have occurred due to alleged speeding and lane invasion by the truck. “The deceased people were transported in the Mazda vehicle, in the Maicao-Albania direction, and the van, in the opposite direction,” said the Police.

The six fatal victims, whose identities have not been established by the competent entities, were aboard the car, while the injured, who are being treated in Maicao, were the occupants of the truck. However, it is known that the dead people were five adults (three men and two women) and one minor.

According to the authorities, the crew members of the truck were identified as Ramón Parody, who was the driver, Leidy Garcia, Luís David Ustaris Hernández, Isaac González and Kaire Narváez.

This accident occurred hours after the driver of a camper-type vehicle lost control and collided at high speed with the Papiros toll booth, on the road that leads from Puerto Colombia to Barranquilla, in the department of Atlántico.

The tremendous collision recorded in the early hours of this Sunday was captured on video by a security camera installed at the scene. The images show the exact moment in which the red car crashes, first, with a road separator, and then shows how it hits the toll booth.

The impact caused the vehicle to overturn and the destruction of a large part of the booth, which at that time was attended by a woman. In total, three people were injured in this accident: the driver of the car, a woman who accompanied him as co-pilot and the worker who at that time was collecting tolls.

The injured were transferred to care centers, but shortly after the two women were discharged. The man, however, is in serious condition and remains hospitalized in the intensive care unit of the Portoazul Clinic in Barranquilla, according to the authorities.

Media from the capital of Atlántico affirm that the injured were identified as Cristian Bolívar Pianeta (39 years old); Greey Cardenas (33 years old); Leidys García Flores (35 years old).

The cause of the accident is currently under investigation. For now it is unknown if the man was intoxicated, had a microsleep, was speeding or was simply distracted and lost control of the vehicle. “Through the videos from the cameras we are going to determine the causes of the accident,” said Héctor Uribe, head of the Traffic and Transportation section of the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police.

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