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47 thoughts on “Accident Ki Investigation Report Aa Gai 😔 | ExploreTheUnseen2.0”

  1. I am very disappointed that this man does not learn a lesson after a huge accident and a innocent animal lost her life. I also drive car and say that you can't drive car with one hand. Please do not put others life in danger.

  2. भाइ चलती गाडी से हाथ मे मोबाइल लेकै ब्लॉग करना बन्द करलो भाई आपको भी नुकसान ओर सामने वाले का भी

  3. ….will you learn when you will kill someone? Stop holding camera with one hand while driving Man. Looks like you are educated enough to realise this..I hope you are?

  4. Analysis banta hai boss, Normally vlogging wala aadmi apna hotel ka bathroom bhi dekha deta hai, per yaha itna major accident hua aur 2nd party ka koi namo nisan nahi? Not sure it was Cow or a moving vehicle and to our surprise you are still holding cam with 1 hand and recording 🙂

  5. My husband was a big fan of yours..and would often show me your videos..after your accident video was exposed he felt really bad that you should have spoken the truth about hitting a cow with your car and admitted about your mistake,you would have definitely earned a lot more respect,love and followers but instead you chose to definitely have lost an ardent fan..

  6. Arey bhai, ye build quality expert kids ki baat na suno. Inke hisaab se fortuner, harrier and endeavour are indestructible

  7. Dude i will be filing a case against you for dangerous driving if u dont behave yourself for putting our lives in danger, sndnone more thing agar aukaat nahi haintonapple mat khareedo, u constatntly putting everyone’s life in danger

  8. Oh god some ppl never get lesson. Still shooting with mobile while driving. U are not safe you shouldn’t be allowed to be on road.

  9. 13:50 kutta wo nhi hai kutte to tum ho Jahan roti mil gayi vahi puchh hilane lgta hai

    Ruk jao beta tumhare bar bna dega wo Wait and Watch

  10. 13:08 NIA car accident ki janch kabse karne lagi Apne Ko Atankwadi samjh baithe ho kya jo NIA janch Kregi 😆

    Bhai Kahan se padhai Kiya hai tu tere Ko ye bhi pta nhi hai ki NIA ka Gathan kab aur kisliye huaa tha 😡

  11. bhai apki car sahi mai truck pe hi lagi hai. Itne khatarnak accident mai cow ke tukde tukde ho jate, cow ka koi naamo nishan nahi tha

  12. tune apni video bnane k chakkr me cow ko mar diya. or jhut bola ki cow bhag gyi. itna bada accident hone k bad cow kese zinda bach k bhag k ja skti hai..tune dash cam lgaya hota to tera dhyan phone mei nahi hota.

  13. Bhai ur videos are what you are and we love it! Those creators are just frustrated in their own lives and can’t get through in life.

  14. Sahi bol raha hai YOUTUBER ek dusre ki khaal kheech ne mein lage hue hai like cats n dogs fight of YOUTUBER.. maza aaraha hai..

  15. Chapri gang ke saath rehte rehte ye bhi chapri ban chuka… No mask, no sanitizer… Nothing… This is what he is teaching others… Sach me, jab se chapri gang aya iska downhill chalu ho gaya ..

  16. दोस्तों इसने गाड़ी ट्रक में ही मरी है कौन कौन इस बात से सहमत है कमेंट करो मुझे

  17. भाई वो गाड़ी वाला ठीक खा रहा था अगर गाड़ी ट्रक में नहीं लगी तो गाये कहा है

  18. If you r true …then why not you show the cow…..according to your accident the cow must be dead there…but in video there was nothing

  19. Vikas bhai i have travelled on the same highway while driving from bangalore to delhi and i also almost ended up hitting a cow, its a big risk on that highway specially in MP. I was lucky that i did not hit a cow, and you were not so lucky. I absolutely can imagine the situation with you and no doubt on you being genuine.

  20. I had a similar accident a weeks back, a bull suddenly came in front of me. my XUV had similar wreck but yeah luckily air bag did not open.


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