Accident in Majorca | The report indicates the police as…

Source: Accident in Majorca | The report indicates the police as…

Found on: 2022-08-15 01:59:01

The Traffic Group of the Civil Guard has concluded the investigation into the fatal hit-and-run accident by a Palma Local Police patrol car registered on Passeig Sagrera, next to the Consolat de Mar.

In the report, forwarded to the Court of Instruction, the Meritorious blames the agent as solely responsible of the tragic outcome. The police report to which Ultima Hora has had access points to “excessive and inappropriate speed for the layout and conditions of the road, by (identification of the official)”.


Similarly, it also collects the multiple witness statement witnesses that from the first moment denied the version of the agents involved who blamed the loss of control of the patrol car on the wet pavement. Moreover, the Civil Guard, once the cameras have been viewed, does not take for granted that the ground was flooded. “The driver of the vehicle must be in a position to control it at all times. When approaching other road users, he must take the necessary precautions for his safety », point out the investigators of the case.

Another important point refers to the patrol vehicle status. «It is stated in the driver’s statement that he had knowledge a posteriori of an alleged poor condition of the vehicle with respect to the tires during the days prior to the accident. Although, in the visual inspection offered by the Local Police officers, no reference is made to any incident regarding the vehicle », he concludes.

The head of the Investigating Court number 8 of Palma ordered the Benemérita to take charge of the investigation upon detecting some disputes and conflicting statements around the case, including those made by police officers in their interventions before the media.

The accident victim Mario Decandia, was a 36-year-old Italian who worked as a waiter in a business near the scene. At the end of his day at the 49 Steps restaurant, on the second floor of Palma’s Moll Vell, and while he was walking with two companions, the Local Police car ran over them at the height of the sculpture Palma, by the artist Pep Llambías. From the headquarters of San Fernando they maintain that the police vehicle had the light signals on, rejecting the version of several witnesses. The driver’s breathalyzer test – in which he gave 0.0 – was carried out by his own colleagues.

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