Accident in Majorca | One dead and nine injured in…

Source: Accident in Majorca | One dead and nine injured in…

Found on: 2022-08-04 20:54:00

The roads of Mallorca claim a new fatality. Agents from the Civil Guard Traffic Group have taken charge of the investigation of a spectacular traffic accident recorded late this Thursday on the s’Albufera road, right on a curved section located when passing the well-known ‘Pont de ferro’, in the municipality of sa Pobla.

Agents from the Sa Pobla Local Police, Civil Guard, health personnel from the Urgent Medical Care Service (SAMU-061) and the Mallorca Fire Brigade quickly went to the scene of the event to care for the victims. Upon arrival, a total of six vehicles were found involved, nine people injured and one deceased. In fact, the firefighters had to release from the interior of one of the vehicles one of the occupants who was in the passenger seat. The road was closed to traffic for hours until the cleaning teams and several cranes proceeded to remove the accident vehicles.

Due to the great magnitude of the accident and the number of injured, the 061 central had to send numerous ambulances and distribute the victims in different hospitals of the Island in order not to overwhelm the emergency services. The balance of injured was nine people, some of them taken to hospital in serious condition. In fact, there were fears for the lives of some of the patients. The agents of the Traffic Group of the Civil Guard have taken charge of the case with the intention of clarifying the causes of the incident and determining the corresponding responsibilities. The section where the accident occurred at a curved point with poor visibility and great danger.

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