Accident in Badajoz | One dead and one seriously injured in…

Source: Accident in Badajoz | One dead and one seriously injured in…

Found on: 2022-09-29 16:35:51

Fatal accident on the Ronda de Circunvalación-Avenida Reina Sofía from Badajoz. A 69-year-old man has died this Thursday afternoon and another 50-year-old has been slightly injured after colliding with their motorcycles when both were driving towards San Roque shortly before 4:30 p.m.

The crash between the motorcycles, the two scooter type, has occurred at the height of the curve between the Los Tres Poetas roundabout and the Ronda Norte bridge, near where the radar is located. According to sources from the Badajoz City Council, the incident was caused by a rear-end collision, when one of the motorcyclists tried to overtake the other. both drivers they have lost control and the vehicles have been thrown several meters towards the lanes in the opposite direction to the one in which they were circulating (those closest to the Guadiana river).

One of them collided with a lamppost and suffered a broken leg, while the other, which hit one of the palm trees, had severe polytrauma that unfortunately he could not overcome. When the emergency teams arrived, the fatal victim was still alive and conscious, but died upon arrival at the University Hospital.

Although it was initially reported that the injured motorcyclist was admitted to the hospital with a very serious prognosis, the part of 112 reflects that the most important injury he presents is a leg fracture and that his condition is not serious. The patient is awaiting surgeryas confirmed by the Extremadura Health Service (SES) last night.

Both motorcyclists were wearing the mandatory helmet at the time of the accident.

After receiving the notice, the 112 emergency center has mobilized two SES Basic Life Support units, which have traveled to the scene of the accident to attend to the victims, who, after being stabilized, have been immediately transferred to the University Hospital. “The ambulances have flown,” said a witness.

Members of the Badajoz Local Police have also attended. His Attestados team was investigating the causes of the tragic accident to prepare a report and transfer it to the Traffic Prosecutor’s Office.

The event has forced the agents to cut traffic in the Ronda de Circunvalación-Avenida Reina Sofía while the toilets assisted the victims and the crane removed the vehicles from the road. which has caused some retentions. The remains of the fairing of the motorcycles at the scene of the collision evidenced the force of the impact.

Workers from the municipal cleaning service have also traveled to the area to remove these remains, as well as members of the municipal fire station, who have been in charge of pouring sepiolite on the oil stains that were on the road, to avoid risks to the rest. of drivers.

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