A worker from the Gruas company dies of a heart attack in Zaragoza

Source: A worker from the Gruas company dies of a heart attack in Zaragoza

Found on: 2022-08-02 11:29:24

A worker whose identity and age are unknown at the moment has died this Tuesday morning at the intersection of Mariano Lagasca street in Zaragoza with Gil de Jasa when he was at work, behind the wheel of one of the Grúas El Portillo vehicles, but parked at the time he was going to carry out loading or unloading work. As confirmed by police sources, the accident took place around 9.30 on Tuesday.

From the National Police they have reported that three Local Police patrols and an ambulance have been moved to the scene of the accident, whose personnel have tried to revive the worker but have not succeeded. Apparently, the same sources have indicated, a The deceased’s colleague called to sound the alarm saying that the worker felt dizzy and then began to convulsebut the ambulance staff have not been able to revive him from the inToo bad that is what in principle seems to be what this victim of the work accident would have suffered. It will be the National Police that instructs judicial proceedings as it is an event of a labor nature.

Precisely the Minister of Economy, Martha Gastonwhen assessing the unemployment data for the month of July, has drawn attention to the need not to relax preventive measures to avoid accidents in any industry. He has said it when he learned of the one that has also occurred today in the province of Huesca of a worker crushed by straw bales in Poleñino and without even knowing about this second fatal work accident. This is the eighth and ninth fatalities of occupational accidents so far this year in Aragon.

From the unions they have transferred condolences to the families of the deceased and have also criticized the fact that there have been two work accidents with the result of death on the same day, which is evidence, according to UGT and CC. OO. that not all the necessary preventive measures are being taken to avoid that going to work means, in some cases, putting life at risk.

From UGT, José de las Moerenas, who witnessed the incident in Zaragoza, stressed that the cause was likely to have been a heart attack recorded at work, and lamented that in the middle of summer, when there is less activity, again in the agricultural sector and the logistics have to regret two new accidents with the result of death

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