A new key testimony reveals new details of the accident…

Source: A new key testimony reveals new details of the accident…

Found on: 2022-06-07 18:39:59

News of the fatal accident at the Mislata fair (Valencia), where two girls aged 4 and 8 died. A key testimony who saw the tragic moment, reveals new very important information to know what happened and who is responsible for the death of the two minors, deaths that, according to the National Police, could have been avoided if things had been done correctly.

It is about a man who lives on a farm located right next to where there was the inflatable that flew away in January of this year and where they died Vera and Cayetana. This witness assures that he saw the exact moment of the accident from the window.

A witness assures that there were more workers setting up the attraction

According to his testimony, there were approximately between 10 and 14 workers of North African origin who worked for the vendor and who they slept piled up in the same caravan, facts that the person responsible for the attraction denies. This man also explains that he saw how these young people assembled the inflatable castle and the other attractions of the fair. The investigators take into account the details that this witness explains, since every day he took the dog for a walk around the fair and, therefore, look at the details of the area.

Doubts about the anchoring of the inflatable castle of the Mislata fair, where two girls died

Although the other testimonies interviewed assure that the bouncy castle was not tiedthis man says that normally they were, but the strings were very thin and in poor condition. He does not remember if the attraction was tied or not on the day of the accidentalthough 15 other people say no.

Vera and Cayetana, aged 4 and 8, died at the Mislata fair

The events took place on January 4 at the Mislata fair. The day of the accident, there were strong gusts of wind, which caused a bouncy castle full of children to go flying into the air. As a result of this tragic accident, they died Vera and Cayetanatwo girls aged 4 and 8, events that caused great commotion in the Valencian Community.

Vera is one of the two girls who died in the tragic accident at the Mislata fair (Valencia) six months ago / Twitter @IvanFaubell

Investigation in the hands of the National Police

The National Police keeps the investigation open to find out more details about who happened the day of the tragic accident. According to the investigations of the last six months, everything indicates that the death of the minors could have been avoided if the attraction had complied with the relevant security measures. For this reason, those responsible for the attraction could face prison sentences for a crime of reckless homicide.

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