A neighbor from Ejea who fled after… dies in a traffic accident

Source: A neighbor from Ejea who fled after… dies in a traffic accident

Found on: 2022-11-03 11:48:03

The Foral Police has managed to solve a fatal accident occurred in Cortes de Navarra last September 6 and whose author fled. After a series of investigations and thanks to the valuable testimony of a witness, the investigators have concluded that the The fleeing driver was a resident of Ejea de los Caballeros. And it so happens that this person died on October 12 in another traffic accident.

The Foral Police Attestation team in Tudela has sent the court the report that proves the authorship of the accident that occurred on the NA-5222 road as it passed through Cortes, in which A tourism rammed a moped and left its driver badly injured, who died a month later at the Reina Sofía hospital. According to Navarran police sources, the patrol that went to the scene was able to take a statement from a witness who was able to provide information as important as the model, color and part of the license plate of the car that fled.

During his statement, this witness also explained that Two people were circulating in the escaped car: a man at the wheel and a woman in the passenger seat. With this information, the agents went to work to identify both the car and its occupants. The researchers analyzed the recordings of the cameras located in the environment and made a screening of matching license plates with the model and color. As a result of the investigations, it was learned that the driver could be a resident of Ejea de los Caballeros, for which the collaboration of the Civil Guard was requested.

The efforts of the Foran Police made it possible to find out that the person who had caused the Cortes accident had in turn suffered another traffic accident when he was riding a motorcycle on October 11. And the injuries were so serious that he died the next day. When proving the involvement of the neighbor from Ejea de los Caballeros in the fatal collision in Cortes, the Navarrese police have taken into account the data obtained thanks to the analysis of his mobile phone, authorized by the investigating judge. In fact, these confirmed his presence at the scene of the accident.

The investigators also discovered that the ejeano had hidden the vehicle in a shed in the capital of the Cinco Villas, where he had begun to disassemble it. The agents noticed a blow to the wing compatible with the collision with the moped, which for the Foral Police was key in confirming their suspicions. Subsequent investigations concluded that the man was traveling with the day of the Cortes accident with his sentimental partner, who was summoned to the Tudela police station to be investigated as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of omission of the duty of assistance.

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