A journalist hears a terrible news live…

Source: A journalist hears a terrible news live…

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When to a journalist he has to do his job, something very everyday is that in the coverage he has to report the death of people who have been trapped or, even more commonly, a accident deadly traffic. But it is not bad at all compared to what has happened to the Brazilian journalist Carlos Alberto Baldassari.

The journalist was working when he heard about a terrible News. Carlos Alberto went to cover a fatal accident on the Antonio Machado Sant’Anna highway, near Sao Paulo (Brazil). there was a car shocked against a truck and, as a consequence, there was deceased the driver of the car.

He learns live of the death of his son

Carlos Alberto was broadcasting the accident on straight through the social networks of the environment where he works. The journalist approached the place of the accident and said upon arrival: “Our Lady of Aparecida, what an ugly accident.” When he got a little closer to see the details, short the live broadcast. “That’s the situation here, we’ll keep monitoring and we’ll come back anytime, I’ll get more data, okay? And we’ll come back anytime. The situation is really very complicated, we’ll come back,” he told viewers.

But the journalist did not expect what he was going to see. Later, when he resumed the broadcast, he explained with integrity and despite the pain of the news, that victim of the accident was his son. Carlos Alberto Baldassari went on to say that unfortunately in the world of information, there are times when journalists cover events involving family members. “Unfortunately, in this world of information, sometimes you have to cover events involving family members. Unfortunately, today is my son.” In an interview with the media G1, the journalist admitted that, when he was going to the accident site, he had a very bad intuition.

And this bad intuition became reality. Carlos Alberto discovered that at the scene of the events, the deceased was his own son. The journalist was broadcasting live for Balda News on Facebook when he interrupted the transmission at that very moment. Minutes later, he went back online to confirm the relationship he had with the victim.

The car entered the opposite lane

The Brazilian Highway Police reported that the vehicles involved collided head-on, because, according to the version of the truck driver, the car invaded the lane in the opposite direction, causing the death of the young man.

Thiago Cequeto Baldassari, from 32 years, died in the fatal accident. A truck traveling from Ribeirão Preto to Araraquara hit his Gol model car, a few meters from the entrance to Parque São Paulo, on the SP-255 highway. He was the father of a girl Eight years and he had his wife pregnant. Firefighters and emergency service teams arrived at the scene, although they could do nothing to save the life of the deceased.

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