A forestry worker dies in Idiazabal when a pine tree falls on him

Source: A forestry worker dies in Idiazabal when a pine tree falls on him

Found on: 2022-06-14 16:15:42

The emergency services at the scene of the fatal accident. / @Angymt

The event occurred minutes before 11 in the morning in the Urtsuaran neighborhood and the victim is a 49-year-old man

A 49-year-old forestry worker died this Tuesday morning in Idiazabal when a pine tree fell on him. The fatal accident took place minutes before 11 in the morning in the Urtsuaran neighborhood, as confirmed by the Security Department. Osalan has opened an investigation. A helicopter and an ambulance from the emergency services, as well as firefighters, have moved to the site, but they have not been able to do anything to save the life of the worker. He is the fourth forestry worker to die in similar circumstances in the last year.

At the time of the incident, the man was working with a log skidding machine.

The last forestry worker who died in the Basque Country was on January 19. A 46-year-old man from Villasana de Mena died while carrying out logging work in a wooded area near Alto de Herrera, in the Alava council of Pipaón. On July 8 of last year, another worker died as a result of an accident at work in a wooded area of ​​Muxika. The victim was a 27-year-old man of Ecuadorian nationality. In February 2021, a 51-year-old man from Güeñes lost his life when a large tree fell on him in Ugao-Miraballes.

On January 21, 2021, a fatal forest accident occurred in Gipuzkoa. It occurred in the works that a Lizartza company was carrying out in Ezkio. The victim was working to remove branches from a previously cut trunk and was struck by a branch.

Occupational accidents continue to rise in the Basque Country with 5% more accidents

On May 20, the rescue of a forest worker in the surroundings of the hermitage of Santa Bárbara in Segura required the intervention of an Ertzaintza helicopter and another from Osakidetza. Apparently a tree ran over and hit the man, who was evacuated to the Donostia University Hospital, where he was treated for his injuries.

On August 29 of last year, a 34-year-old forestry worker was injured by the impact of a trunk while felling trees on Mount Usurbe de Beasain. An Ertzaintza helicopter with members of the Mountain Section of the Surveillance and Rescue Unit (UVR) accessed the scene to rescue the wounded man, who was finally transferred by ambulance to Donostia Hospital.

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