A fool becomes an idiot

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Kandi Williams Female | Lake Stevens, WA   A fool becomes an idiot
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# years and she cheated so many times at funerals beaches San a cans She cheated up to the last few seconds a walking out on me she was selfish controlling hypocrite. With no class no style and has no heart or soul she also I believe tried to kill me to were she over served me noing very well what tequila dopes to me and she new I was on my crotch rocket and she knows I don’t go slow on it . She saved me six shots with six beers than left real fast ?? well I was blacked out and crashed into a truck and broke almost every bone down my right side punctured lung shattered pelvis broken hip witch led to a fake hip. I expired twice. Shes hated me ever sens the crash cuz I lived???

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Posted By: KJ | 10/25/11 2:06 PM She cheated on you because you can’t spell nor write passed a 1st grde level… geez! Login to reply | Report
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Name: Kandi Williams Age: 43 Country: Location: Lake Stevens, WA Gender: Female Zodiac Sign: Leo Relationship Status: In a relationship Profession: Adult Entertainment Education level: Less than high school University: N/A Found Cheating On: Other Ethnicity: White or Caucasian Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Blue Height: 5 ft 2 in Weight: 145 Tattoos: No

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