A Drunk Driver Destroyed 12 Cars. Instant Police Justice & Karma for Drunk…

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Spider guy – https://youtu.be/3hUHDcmYUOM
Timmy Rush – https://youtu.be/goM9jW-1ovA
Cleveland Area Body Camera – https://youtu.be/9CUdjKhyy1I
Diverse Angling – https://youtu.be/CejE4RZTmy4
Rotimojo_Inc – https://youtu.be/uGSWbdzhc-M

[00:00] – INTRO
[00:34] – Drunk driver of a pickup truck
[01:08] – Spider guy
[01:40] – Timmy Rush
[03:43] – Cleveland Area Body Camera
[06:24] – Diverse Angling
[07:02] – Diverse Angling
[08:12] – Q&A


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Watch more at: A Drunk Driver Destroyed 12 Cars. Instant Police Justice & Karma for Drunk Drivers.

45 thoughts on “A Drunk Driver Destroyed 12 Cars. Instant Police Justice & Karma for Drunk…”

  1. The narrator needs a lesson in doing voice-overs and public speaking … sometimes speaking too fast or dropping or slurring the end of a sentence. It's really frustrating.

  2. There is NEVER an excuse to drive while intoxicated!
    Personally I think the first offense deserves 1 full year in prison…any subsequent convictions should sentenced to 10 years minimum in prison.

  3. Drunk driving is a very selfish thing to do. Drunks think they are "just fine" to drive. Taking an Uber or some other driving company is a whole lot cheaper than a DWI and a lot less hassle. DWI's alone are expensive. But if you crash your car that's even more expensive. If you hit another car and injure or kill someone can you live with that guilt?

  4. In my fire service career i saw way to much of this. I once pulled the keys from a dui drivers car. I threw his keys over the embankment when he tryed to fight me for them. He was arrested for his deeds.

  5. 5:53 why did the cop directing traffic not put on a high vis wtf I can barely even see him thru the dash cam

  6. How much time is wasted with these tests. Give them a breathalyzer. They are drunk or they are not. Drunk drivers should have no expectancy of anything.

  7. Love the clips, but please tell me you're NOT going to start with that voice-over on each & every one that tells us what we are seeing for ourselves. If it describes something that isn't in the video, I can understand , but all the other channels that started to do that, have gone overboard with useless & idiotic nonsense : inaccurate descriptions , really stupid comments , distracting text covering the video , annoying light flashes between clips , etc …

  8. Спасибо что продолжаешь делать классные видеоподборки, Серега!))

  9. The one and only time I ever dui was the day after I passed my driving test. I passed my test and bought my brothers car from him for cheap. I had a huge hangover after celebrating my pass, but lucky for me, I only drove the car about 600 yards from his house to mine. Scared the bejezus out of me.

  10. Oregon City, for those outside of Oregon, U.S.A. can be called a suburb of Portland, OR. I lived in a different suburb of Portland for several years. That was amazing wreckage. Oregon City is perched on a cliff overlooking a river. It is amazing that he didn't take a deep dive into the river.

  11. Nice Charger! Would you be interested in shipping it to Australia for safekeeping? 😃I wonder how many of those drunk drivers really had the recent mandatory injection of untested chemicals?

  12. Non American here. Can you clarify why the police do not use a breathalyser test in the first instance to assess drunk driving like they do in other countries instead of making people walk in a straight line etc.? It seems like that is a long drawn out process whereas a breathalyser test would give an instant indication. Thank you

  13. All I will say is this; keep up the great videos man. And one more thing:
    stay strong & safe Sergey – peace be with you and your family. All the best.
    Greetings from Australia. :o)

  14. Thank you for taking the time to upload a new video. I hope you and yours are safe now! I miss hearing your real voice, though.

  15. I really like the narration! I usually have to pause or rewind so I can read the notes so this was great and the narrator did a great job!

  16. This happened in Baltimore Maryland also. A few months ago a guy crashed a welding truck into 24 cars including a balto city police vehicle.


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