A driver dies after colliding and being ejected with his car in…

Source: A driver dies after colliding and being ejected with his car in…

Found on: 2022-10-30 09:10:19

The driver of a car he died this sunday morningor after suffering an exit from the road with his vehicle when he was driving on the AP-9F, at kilometer point 36, as he passed through the A Coruña town hall of Ferrol.

The witnesses to the accident who called 112 Galicia around 07:40 a.m. explained to the emergency managers that the vehicle was passing through the parish of Santa Cecilia de Trasancos, in the direction of Narón, when The car crashed into one of the security barriers on the road. As a result of the impact, the driver was ejected from the car..

As soon as there was evidence of the event, from 112 a notice was sent to the professionals of the Health Emergencies of Galicia-061 and to the Fire Brigades of Ferrol and Narón.

Once at the point, the intervention teams confirmed to the Galician Integrated Emergency Care Center that nothing they could do to save his life.

Of course, the Civil Traffic Guard agents also went to the scene of the accident, as well as road cleaning and maintenance personnel, in order to restore safety conditions on the road. In addition, from 112 the Local Police and the Civil Protection officers of Ferrol and Narón were also informed.

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