9 Minutes of Racist Karens Getting INSTANT KARMA!

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9 Minutes of Racist Karens In this video you will see Karen public freakout moments, karen gets owned, karen videos, karen gets owned by police, karen gets owned by skaters and karen complications!

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Video inspired by – Rekt Videos, Public Freakout Videos, Xenoshot, Retail Nightmares, Best Trends.

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21 thoughts on “9 Minutes of Racist Karens Getting INSTANT KARMA!”

  1. Wow the military wife: 🥴

    PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: spouses who act like this are not only representing their country as a spouse but you are also representing the military member you married, her husband is probably a new recruit cause she’s acting like she’s new. So going out in public acting like this doesn’t make you powerful even the presidents wife can’t act like this, when it gets discovered who your spouse is…you are embarrassing him not just in his workplace (oh just about a couple dozen members) but to his entire command (thousands of members) which is equivalent to a small town which also makes him the talk of the town…not you!…just cause you don’t work on base but him who has to see, interact, walk amongst, work beside, deploy with, most importantly answer to and face these members on a daily….nothings more embarrassing than to be called into an office and being asked “why is your spouse acting like that?” by your superiors or being pointed out…let’s not forget the deployments he has to prepare for, he’s there to serve his country first and foremost, why you adding to the stress, he shouldn’t have to worry about whose gonna babysit his wife because she don’t know how to behave in public….so sit down and have some class!

  2. That black woman that white chick most likely said something passive aggressive and that bw was standing her ground. Allot of ww are like this with bw

  3. Hey man, can you starting linking the original videos in your description? You keep cutting them before they geto the good parts

  4. I think the guys are called Kevin's and the women are the Karen's. Either way we don't need these people in this world!

  5. What is happening to people? Too much bills to pay driving them crazy. These are not normal behavior. Nevertheless, funny🤣🤣🤣


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