9 Minutes of Racist Karens Getting INSTANT KARMA!

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9 Minutes of Racist Karens Getting Owned In this video you will see Karen public freakout moments, karen gets owned, karen videos, karen gets owned by police, karen gets owned by skaters and karen complications!

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Video inspired by – Rekt Videos, Public Freakout Videos, Xenoshot, Retail Nightmares, Best Trends.

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35 thoughts on “9 Minutes of Racist Karens Getting INSTANT KARMA!”

  1. The second clip contains the two worst types of people on earth. One is a racist Karen, the other is a nosey fascist who thinks he has the right to tell people to cover their faces.

  2. I feel sorry for mixed (black+…) children because they hear the most hate and have to accept it. They are usually the most mentally traumatized because if you grew up in America and are not Black, you will always have the systemic POV on Black people and when upset the true character of the non black person exposes itself. FACTS!!!!

  3. It's sad that illegal people are allowed to break American laws because of their skin color. Instead of reaping what their family sewed, now they are stealing from USA citizens.

    BLM is a racist organization. If you don't understand this, you're a dumb cuck. ALL LIVES MATTER. Blacks need to stop killing each other. Only stupid people support that crap.

  4. To be fair, the world would be a better place if we stayed in our environments. What is culture without different races? How are they preserved? Im proud to be white. My wife is proud to be Cantonese. My pronouns are " urafag, kysasap, dyeslow, and fahgkneegrow.

  5. It's very inconsiderate to speak Spanish in america wear people can't understand. Your in america learn and speak English, all the Mexicans mess up every food order because they don't know english. It's rediculous.

  6. Racist are ignorant. America does not have a language!!! We speak English which is a Germanic language from Britain. 🙄

  7. Oh a mental crisis yea it’s called not being raised right she over there not keeping her hands to her self stfu

  8. Any racism is wrong!! With that being said I could post videos of any race being racist not just one race!! The people in government and power have been controlling the human race forever and keep us divide! How by push hate and racism all major news outlets are always talking about it, you get on social media that's all you see is videos about racist people 🙄 anyone ever noticed how it changes sometimes like you hear about the Hispanic killing innocent people, or black teen lights old man on fire, white guy shoots so many innocent people it's crazy!! I pray one day people will wake up and realize we are all being played and controlled we are are basically slaves In this world and the only way to back power is to join together as 1 race then a stand ❤
    Think about a baby or when you see a child or kid you don't a race and 95 percent of the time any race will stand up and die for anyone's baby or child!!

  9. I heard about some Portuguese tourists(yes tourists!) on a bus in Vancouver, speaking amongst themselves, as you’d expect in their own language…
    And this stupid [email protected] started cussing them out for not speaking English!! Like, what!?!?!?!?
    First of all, why on earth do you care what language they’re speaking, when they’re not even talking to you????
    Secondly, I wish I could ask that lady wtf, she’d do if she went on vacation to Portugal or any other non-English speaking country !!!

  10. Ok so now yt people are telling Mexican people to go back to their country too like they did and still is doing to black people? Lol they should really know their history about Mexico 🇲🇽 and maybe they wouldn’t say that to them. Bunch of ignorant dumbasses 🤦🏽‍♀️

  11. i would dare one try me in my country and they'll go bk to they county bandaged with wire in their jaw and especially the american racists

  12. First lady needs to learn the meaning of Native American, Key word Native, meaning original, not our white asses

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