9 Minutes of Racist Karens Getting INSTANT KARMA!

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When Racist Karens Get Instant Karma In this video you will see Karen public freakout moments, karen gets owned, karen videos, karen gets owned by police, karen gets owned by skaters and karen complications!

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32 thoughts on “9 Minutes of Racist Karens Getting INSTANT KARMA!”

  1. for the first one, I think a lot of people are getting confused, the bouncer was not mad at her for filming outside of the bar, he was mad at her because she was filming inside the bar, which is private property.

  2. “Freedom of speech is dead” Freedom of speech doesn’t equal to freedom of consequences. Go ahead say something racist or stupid but it doesn’t mean you won’t get your ass thrown to the floor.

  3. The clip where we get to clap our hands and laugh are cut out again,i suggest that you change the name of your channel into "Videos of Karen cussing at random people"😡

  4. As Long As She Is On A PUBLIC Sidewalk, She CAN Film Anything She Can See From PUBLIC!

    That's The Way The Actual LAW Works. 🤦‍♀️ Stupid People. WHY Do People Think That You Need Their Permission To Film?

  5. At 9:13 to call someone else ugly must mean I guess you're the Arbiter of good looks and you must be a representation of them. Let alone the Prejudice statement of go back to your reservation. She's an awful human being. I hope she learns something. And grows. I'm only making this comment because I hope maybe she sees them since she's all over the place and reads them.

  6. At 1:33 how sad is it in this day and age for somebody to utter those words. SMH or even think them! It's not like this is the 1920s! Damn

  7. just discovered and found out about Greek is overall a degenerate of degenerates with his own streak of garbage human behavior.

  8. 9:09 Imagine not being able to use the “go back to where you came from” on Native Americans since it would be the other way around, though racists can come up with something

    I always thought it doesn’t make sense for someone of non-British decent to tell someone to “go back to your country” since we are all decedents of immigrants, but she takes it to another level

  9. So Greek God, wasn't mocking Asians. He does stuff like that all the time, according to his viewers. He didn't even see those people before he spoke his gibberish. Kinda got the facts wrong on that one. He was unbanned for it too, I believe.

  10. You cut the first Karen video before she fell and gave herself a bloody nose while the bouncer told her friend, "She's okay!"

    You have a title about Karens getting what they deserve then the first clip cuts exactly that…lame!


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