5 Unbelievable Moments Filmed by Accident

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Unbelievable moments happen all around us. The world moves faster than our ability to make sense of it, and every once in a while, it makes us witness something that leaves us with our jaws on the floor.

Documented Reality is here to prove that unbelievable moments have never run dry on the internet. Think about it — how amazing is it that there’s always something crazy on the world wide web? From viral videos of people being awesome to footage of fun stuff and failed challenges, the internet has always delivered entertainment to the fullest. Feeling lonely? Bored? Or simply seeking some buzz and excitement? How about a list of unbelievable moments while you’re here? To help you get your fill of thrills for the day, here are 5 unbelievable moments filmed by accident!

If you love feeling your pulse pound as you jump in the awe of something incredibly mind-bending — tune right in to watch Documented Reality at its finest! Here are some of the most unbelievable moments ever caught on camera! These videos will leave you stunned to the core — so much so that you may very well have sleepless nights for weeks to come! If you have never stumbled upon something so sensationally chilling that you could not believe your own eyes — here’s your chance to witness it at its best.

With shivers pulsating through your soul and your psyche shocked to the core, watching the videos in this installment of Documented Reality to the very end will stupefy you beyond what words can describe. I mean it when I say that had these videos not been caught on cam, no one would have believed them to be true.

So, what are you waiting for? There’s nothing else that could be more fun right now than satisfying your quench for thrills with a list of the most unbelievable moments! And frankly, some of these videos are so hair-raising, you may leave the internet for good! The things you’ll see in this list of unbelievable moments will make you believe in miracles and mysteries alike.

Some incidents are so overwhelmingly awe-inspiring, they enthrall us by displaying what we would never have believed existed within the bounds of reality. Equally, some people are so staggering, they manage to reach beyond their limits and push the boundaries of the possible! But what happens when destiny makes these phenoms meet these exceptional events? We get to witness the most mind-blowing, eye-popping unbelievable moments! And that is exactly what this installment of Documented Reality does.

Crazy things happen all around the world, all the time. You just need someone to show them to you. And that’s what I’m here for! Enjoy the enthralling entries in this list of unbelievable moments that go beyond the viral internet clips, and find the documented reality of the truly fascinating stories that really happened — thanks to the charmed luck of the people who witnessed something unbelievable and managed to capture it on camera, be it by accident!

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Documented Reality is a collection of incredible eye-witnessed moments, hosted by Chills. This series showcases videos of unbelievable events that will not only astonish and entertain you but will allow you to relive these dramatic, extraordinary, and chilling moments that have actually occurred in real life and were luckily recorded. So, are you ready to experience these most frightening captured realities? Buckle up and press play! #DocumentedReality #002 –
Created, written, narrated and edited by Chills.

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1:45 Number 3
4:38 Number 2
7:39 Number 1

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  2. The first guy: ya watching it on YT is all fun and games, but if I seen these 2 dudes driving like this in my town i would have to beat them both at the same time for driving so dangerously on a public road… Its so wrong

  3. The Ferrari guy must have driven one before. He handled it like a boss. And how dumb are those thieves to approach a man with a pressurized hose. What did they think would happen. Boss number two!

  4. Deer: bursts through a window and isn't moving.
    Woman: oh no
    Deer: moves.

  5. the car pulling out in front of the Ferrari probably didn't think someone would be doing double or more of the speed limit.

  6. the last one is more of a worry. got to hope the pilots are ok, not sure if they could wear sky diving suit while driving the plane, glad they are fine

  7. DAYUM!!!! GREAT CLIPS!!!!! I didn't even know you had this many episodes in the series…. MORE FOR ME!!! HAHAHA!!!! LOVE IT!

  8. Deer is not a dangerous animal…



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