21-Year-Old TikToker Dies in Skydiving Accident

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A Miss Canada semi-finalist and social media influencer has died in a skydiving accident. Tanya Pardazi was a Canadian TikToker. She had more than 112,000 followers and over 2 million likes on the app. Pardazi had reportedly recently started taking skydiving lessons. She mentioned it in her final TikTok video. Local police say Pardazi was “critically injured after jumping from a plane.” Tanya Pardazi was 21 years old.

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28 thoughts on “21-Year-Old TikToker Dies in Skydiving Accident”

  1. So she got too close to the ground because she refused to pull her parachute earlier. Almost sounds like she wanted it to happen. Her death is still tragic but it seems like she played around too much with it.

  2. It’s a black mirror episode… “she had 112k followers and over 2 million likes on the app” is such a weird way to think about someone’s value, it’s sad that this young woman died.

  3. If she was an 'influencer', then I can say she has influenced me to perfectly good out of a parachute not jump in the airplane!!!

  4. Do you really need to go skydiving? Seems like something i could live without. I rather take a high dose of psychedelics if i really wanted to travel through space.

  5. Do not believe what the media is saying. This girl is not dead. She has been trafficked by the deep state. Babylon has her now


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