1StopBedrooms – Zero communication, false statements from…

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Source: 1StopBedrooms – Zero communication, false statements from…

Despite being happy with the sofa quality and an OK price (thus the extra star), the company promised 6-8 weeks delivery and it arrived in 11 weeks.

ZERO communication (other than we were charged immediately) regarding shipping status or delivery. We called the 800 number (several emails went unanswered) and were put on hold 10-30 minutes each time. They must have one person in Support, as I got the same person each time. Each call resulted in unfulfilled promises- outright lies! Add weeks to whatever is said. One call finally resulted in the discovery that it was finally at the delivery company, days later. That company did not call us and we had to have a 3-way call to arrange for delivery. The call would not have happened had we not be proactive in tracking it, probably resulting in OUR default and a 30% restocking fee.

Fortunately the sofa arrived eventually and there was nothing wrong with it. I cannot imagine if something had been wrong and dealing with Support.

After all of this we discovered the price had fallen several hundred dollars in the interim. We asked for a discount due to the pain and the answer was “I’ll look into it”… nothing. Zero response.

We unfortunately ordered the wrong facing chaise and ordered a new one (granted our mistake). They offered a slight discount (it was the price when offered as part of the set – woohoo) due our troubles and then promised it would be delivered in 1 week. It’s been 10days and counting… zero communication, another 15 minute call hold, and a promise made of a few more days. Not holding my breath on the new date and I’m sure I’ll have to call them to arrange delivery again.

Terrible experience and you are throwing the dice with this company. BTW, I cannot see how the reviews here are accurate.

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