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I wish I would have found this website instead of believing 1Stop’s fake reviews on their site. Anyway, I ordered office furniture from them on Sept 23, 2019, which I was told I would receive by the end of Oct. Then the fake promises, lies and excuses started. After being told the furniture had been somehow lost at the end of Nov, I was given the option to cancel my order for a full refund which I told them I wanted. After my repeated calls and assurances by 1Stop that the refund was in process, I was told on Dec 19 that unfortunately they were not able to cancel my order and “we understand that nothing of this is your fault… and it would only be possible to cancel the order now with restocking fees.” So for my $1, 740.43 order I would have to pay a $1047.15 return fee for a total refund of $693.28 for furniture I would never receive. I was done with 1Stop!

After investigating what options I had, I contacted my credit card company Citibank to open a fraud dispute against them on Jan 10, 2020. At that point, I broke off all contact with 1Stop and let Citibank take the lead. Citibank was great and kept me updated as they pursued my claim against 1Stop. And then miraculously I received notice that the furniture finally showed up at the warehouse and it was delivered to us on Feb 13!

I am sharing this to help others like me that were duped by 1Stop. See if your credit companies can help you through their dispute processes. Turning the table and putting pressure back on them worked for me and will hopefully work for you. Good luck!

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