15 deaths on the road, 114% more than in 2019

Source: 15 deaths on the road, 114% more than in 2019

Found on: 2023-01-12 10:36:00

Ávila has closed a bad year in terms of road accidents. The General Directorate of Traffic has released some data that, although they are still provisional, leave no room for doubt. In the province there have been 11 fatal traffic accidents, leaving 15 dead. Compared to 2019 because it was the last normal year, prior to the pandemic, it stands out that there have been 5 more accidents with victims and 8 more deaths. Not only that, but there are now 6 seriously injured in those accidents, while in 2019 there were none.

The x-ray that the DGT leaves leaves several notes on which to reflect. For example, the fact that three of the deceased were not wearing their seatbelts (although taking into account that five of the deceased were driving a motorcycle or bicycle). It is also noteworthy that 60% of the claims occurred on a working day and 87% on days when there was no DGT control campaign.

Black November. More issues, such as that four months accumulate 87% of fatal claims and that in six months there were no fatal accidents. By far, the worst month was November, which resulted in six deaths (40% of the total); followed by July, with three, and August and April, with two deaths in each of those periods.

By type of road, conventional roads were the ones that recorded the most deaths in traffic accidents, with 13 deaths, 87%. While highways and dual carriageways result in two deaths, the remaining 13%.

By type of accident, road exit is behind deaths, accumulated 64%; while frontal and frontal collisions account for 18% of deaths each.

Distractions and inappropriate speed are the most common causes of road accidents with the most deaths. Distracted driving caused six deaths and improper speed was behind four. Together they account for 66% of the total.

The trend changes compared to other years in terms of the type of user who died on the road. In 2022, the vulnerable deaths have increased by one more fatality and go from four to five deaths. It has been among the motorcyclists who now add up to four; while the deceased cyclists remain, since both in 2019 and 2022 there was one.

Now it is the tourism drivers who raise the statistic and there are now seven more than in 2019, then there were two and now there are 9.

By age, the greatest increases were in the 55-64 age group, with 5 deaths (33%) and those over 65, with another five deaths (33%), followed by the 35-44 age group, with three victims ( twenty%). The other two belong to other groups.

It is noteworthy that although the drivers of tourism and trucks, who accumulated 10 deaths, three of them did not wear a belt; In the case of motorcyclists and cyclists, who recorded 4 and one death respectively, they were all wearing helmets at the time of the accident.

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