🤨🤨 | Joyner Lucas – I'm Not Racist | Reaction

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28 thoughts on “🤨🤨 | Joyner Lucas – I'm Not Racist | Reaction”

  1. Poverty doesn't bring about crime. It does bring around certain types of crime. Lots and lots of rich people do crime. It's just more advanced and hidden

  2. Regarding the usage of THE word, as a white guy, I know it’s not my place to use it under ANY context, even reciting lyrics to a song. With people from a different background using the word, I see it as a form of empowerment myself and I respect that.

  3. ‘Freedom of speech is freedom of speech but not freedom of consequence’ damn! I’m not even from the States but that hit real

  4. Easily my favorite reaction to this amazing video so far, we all live in this harsh world together. Fighting and hating each other based on looks makes it harder for everybody. If we love each other and work together life will be more enjoyable and easier. Love the reaction man

  5. Why can he call white people “crackers” and it’s not racist? It’s because white people don’t think the color of their skin defines them. The fact that black people are black is probably the most unimportant factor about them. Remember MLK's speech. Just be a good person.

  6. In the 20s and 30s were people saggin there pants? Just askin . Bad way to compare that in my opinion, I’ll I don’t like when any race walks around holding there pants up around there knees lol . Looks so stupid

  7. Just look at the violent crime numbers …. Everyone needs to take there own life in there own hands and be themselves .

  8. This is a rough track, no two ways about it. It's super emotionally charged, but I feel like it does a good job of portraying how poor white folks have been duped by propaganda into seeing black folks as the enemy, while also demonstrating how the US has consistently undermined and isolated black communities.

  9. See I’m white but I’m friends with black people who are cool with me saying the N word maybe this is just the uk but it’s only not cool if you are saying it to offend

  10. There's some deep irony in the song for sure. "I Worship the Einsteins" from a guy wearing a MAGA hat, while Einstein wrote "Why I'm a Socailist" which MAGA wearers are notoriously against. Talking about Tupac perpetuating negativity, when he wrote "Keep ya Head Up" and his mother was a Black Panther who started Narcotics Anonymous.

    The people name dropped in this song seem to be misunderstood by the people using their name while they make points countered by the people's actions themselves.

  11. 8:00 I fully understand what you are saying… But there is a point to it…. being 'racist' means you dislike some one based purely on their race… If you quite literally have multiple friends of a different race, then you cannot be a literal racist… It just doesn't work like that. The only reason "I have black friends" gets used so often , is because black people genuinely throw around the term 'Racist' way too easily and far too often, rather than addressing the actual reason for the conflict in the first place… Its just easier to label the white person racist, race card is over played.

  12. The whole conversation and the hug at the end aren’t representing two people talking and hugging it out. It’s suppose to represent the two sides in this country that feel these ways (which I believe is a small percentage of white/black people but that percentage of both sides cause the issues we see in the racial tension of the country) hearing each other’s sides and coming to see each other sides and saying hey we’re getting better but this is going to continue to take time with each generation

  13. The drug thing is a catch 22 isn't it. Can't get a job turn to crime turn to crime and you can't get a job. You can't get a job because people view you as part of a criminal element etc. Unless we change the way that culture is viewed then nothing changes. Gotta start somewhere. It's a circle and until the circle is broken nothing changes. Breaking that circle is hard and it will cause pain. Same pattern happen to everyone we get stuck in a cycle and no one can break it but us.
    From my outside perspective I think there are some big issues affecting the siutation.
    1. The media in general projects gangster and ghetto culture on all black people.
    2. Inner city plantations.
    3.Poor substandard government education.
    4. Broken families and the welfare state.
    Whether its ghetto culture or white trash/trailer trash or you name the sub culture there are people of every color that are trapped in a cycle of poverty and crime, poor education and dependence on the government and dealing with broken or messeed up family life. That is bound to destroy anyones future if they don't fight for it.

  14. "Culture" in general is a weird thing to me…at least when people like to think they get to own theirs. If you go and live somewhere and share your culture with your neighbors, you better expect to find them using it themselves someday. People don't own cooking methods or particular dances…we are all human. If you show me a cool way to do this thing or that thing, I'm liable to do it myself, because humans do things together. We learn from each other and party together, hopefully regardless of any superficial traits.

  15. As ignorant as some of the arguments in this song are many people think like this.

  16. So a song that came out around the same time as this and looks at racism on the other end of the spectrum and how it affects him And his views on it is "white boy" by Tom macdonald

  17. I'm a guy from Caucasian/european descent along with more but I respect how you look at it from multiple different perspectives and angles and not just your own. When I watched other people react to it, it didn't seem like they fully knew what was being said, etc. But you did understand where the video was coming from and put it into perspective for other people that didn't understand it at all. Seems like the people in this video understand or have an idea of understanding in their own head of what they're saying but their emotions are taking over the entire conversation so the points that they're trying to get across aren't very clear.


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