आज THAR पलट ही गई😐 Accident 4×4⚠️

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आज THAR पलट ही गई😐 Accident 4×4⚠️

video: https://youtu.be/F_6iU3XghjI

video created: rajni Chaudhary vlog

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47 thoughts on “आज THAR पलट ही गई😐 Accident 4×4⚠️”

  1. Mtlb that ha too kuch bhi karlo
    Real batt too ya ha ki jo chalanr layak ha unke pass thar ha he nahi
    Or jinke pass ha wo kheto ma palat rahe ha

  2. इसको एक्सीडेंट ही नहीं करते हैं जानबूझकर की गई हुई गलती है

  3. Body roll Boht hota hai SUV and off-road vehicles m. Inko slow and safe chalani chahiye but high torque me. Jabhi majja hai


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